What kinds of consumer products are women in California using?

We will survey ~600 women across California about the kind of consumer products that they use and how often and where they purchase their consumer products.  The survey will be distributed online through our community networks as well as to a broader audience of California women recruited through social media.

What specific consumer products are Black women and Latinas living in South LA using?

Using citizen science, we will collect detailed product use among Black women and Latinas in South LA using a mobile app.

Why do Black and Latina women use the consumer products they use?

We will explore the institutional norms that drive product use patterns, including environmental justice issues arising from greater cumulative burden of exposures to chemicals linked to breast cancer, through focus groups with teens and younger women. By shedding light on the social, cultural and economic factors, we can start to reframe discussions about the role of consumer product chemicals in health in vulnerable communities.

What types of consumer products are available to South LA women?

We will visit local retailers to inventory the types of consumer products available to women living in South LA.

What chemicals are in the most commonly used consumer products?

We will test a subset of commonly used products prioritized by the communities to identify chemicals linked with breast cancer and also test products for hormonal activity.