Infographic – Menstrual and Intimate Care Products

Zota, A. R., Franklin, E. T., Weaver, E. B., Shamasunder, B., Williams, A., Siegel, E. L., & Dodson, R. E. (2023). Examining differences in menstrual and intimate care product use by race/ethnicity and education among menstruating individuals. Frontiers in Reproductive Health, 5.

Infographic – Personal Care Product Use

Infographic – Smartphone App Data

Dodson, R. E., Cardona, B., Zota, A. R., Robinson Flint, J., Navarro, S., & Shamasunder, B. (2021). Personal care product use among diverse women in California: Taking Stock Study. Journal of Exposure Science & Environmental Epidemiology, 31(3), Article 3.